The Secrets of Influence


Course Summary

2 days (1-day abridged option also available)

Participants: Up to 16

Location: In-house

This programme reveals the secrets - and science - of influence and breaks them down into twelve learnable tactics people can master to turbo-charge their influencing ability and, potentially, their career.

Within every organisation there are those whom are particularly effective at persuading and influencing. Seemingly bestowed with an intangible gift, these folks are exceptionally skilled at getting others to adopt a change of direction, to believe in a vision or untested idea, or to understand a complicated theory or concept. They readily elicit tireless action and loyal commitment. What is it that makes these people so persuasive? Is it charisma or authenticity? Is it emotional intelligence or Machiavellian manipulation? Is it learned or innate? Is it strategised and planned or improvised and spontaneous?

Drawing on the latest developments in organisational and behavioural psychology and neuroscience, this programme answers these questions and provides a pragmatic and tangible process for participants to unlock and master the art of influence and persuasion.

We reveal the secrets - and science - of influence and break them down into twelve learnable tactics people can master to turbo-charge their influencing ability and, potentially, their career. Participants will first understand their influencing ability with a complete diagnostic of their influencing style – strengths and weaknesses. From there they are introduced to SpeakEasy’s twelve tactics of influence. These are practical exercises that will help them master each tactic. They will learn techniques to enhance their leadership presence, attune their interpersonal skills, craft persuasive arguments and embrace their authenticity. Participants are also introduced to the science behind what motivates people to action.

As with all our programmes, a thorough consultation process enables the exact content to be designed in collaboration with your learning strategy and tailored to meet the participant’s unique learning needs.

By the end of this programme participants will:

  • Receive a complete diagnostic of their influencing ability – strengths & weaknesses.
  • Have learned practical tactics to increase their influence and impact.
  • Understand how to leverage and utilise the key influencing factors that motivate people to action.
  • Have a tangible pathway and process to continue to develop and hone their influencing ability.
  • Be more persuasive and impactful in their business encounters.
  • Inspire more confidence in their teams and stakeholders.
  • Understand how to leverage the science of persuasion (from Cialdini to Kahneman) in their own organisational context.
  • Have identified ways to build rapport and maintain relationships. 

All Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive manual and workbook. 

  • 12-month follow-up email and phone support. 

  • A diagnostic of their influencing skills - strengths and weaknesses.  

  • Easy to use preparation tools and structuring templates. 

  • Ongoing training suggestions & tips via social media. 

  • Links to web-based presentation resource. 

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