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Course Summary

Timeframe: 1 day (1.5 and 2 day options)

Participants: Up to 8

Location: On-site

Don’t assume your audience can follow your convoluted hypotheses or screeds of data. Distill complex concepts to their simplest form, reduce unnecessary jargon and communicate with confidence and clarity.

Newfound knowledge on pulling together succinct well structured presentations can be put to immediate use. Great messaging tips and structuring templates that suit all sorts of topics including complex technical issues. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Graeme Hill, Mighty River Power

Albert Einstein once said that a thing should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. Sound advice. However, distilling complex concepts or intricate processes down to their simple core is often quite daunting – especially to an audience with limited subject knowledge. Everything seems important.

This programme is designed for experts and specialists who need to communicate complex and technical information to everyday audiences. Training is highly practical and the course numbers are small to allow for plenty of individual coaching and development. As with all our programmes, a thorough consultation process ensures the exact content is designed in alignment with your organisation’s learning strategy and tailored to meet the participant’s unique learning needs. Video is used extensively for feedback.

By the end of this programme participants will:

  • Have a pragmatic and flexible process to ensure their technical presentations have clarity and impact.
  • Have reduced anxiety and increased confidence when presenting.
  • Be able to create power visual collateral that reinforces their message and enhances their ability to connect and influence.
  • Understand how to effectively use their voice to add clarity and meaning to their message.
  • Have utilised and practised methods to improve posture and gesture while communicating.
  • Be able to use elements of story to create further impact in their audience and make their message memorable.
  • Have practiced techniques to speak succinctly and reduce jargon and waffle.

Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive manual and workbook.
  • 12-month follow-up email and phone support.
  • A written analysis and video of their presentation technique.
  • Easy to use preparation tools and structuring templates.
  • Ongoing training suggestions & tips via social media.
  • Links to web-based presentation resource. 

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