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Short Course

Course Summary

Timeframe: 1/2 day

Participants: Up to 20

Location: On-site

Do what most business people can’t and master the art of the effective visual aid. Poor engagement with presentation technology is the single biggest obstacle to clear communication within organisations. Powerful visual stories are what work.

Who knew we could create the biggest impact to the way we present by simply rethinking the way we use PowerPoint. This terrific programme showed us how.

Adam Sands, OfficeMax

It’s estimated 30 Million PowerPoint presentations are made every day. But rather than aiding a presentation, PowerPoint has become a substitute for it – offering a crutch to the presenter and, more often than not, confusion and boredom to their audience. As with most things, PowerPoint is not the problem so much as the way we use it – although many would argue the design templates inherent in the software do much to encourage its misuse.

Used correctly, however, PowerPoint can be a wonderfully powerful business tool – and this course shows you how. We’ve found that simply changing the way business presenters create and interact with their slides is often the single biggest thing that makes a difference in the way they engage and inspire their audience. We give you eight simple steps to follow that ensure that you can quickly create slides that are impactful, relevant and persuasive to your audience. A detailed manual and workbook are supplied and participants will have the opportunity to practice these techniques in class.

By the end of this programme participants will:

  • Know how to avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’.
  • Know how to create slides that reinforce your message rather than just repeat it.
  • Understand how to create simple yet effective ‘data heavy’ slides.
  • Know how to utilise appropriately the bullet laws.
  • Be able to add dynamism to their slides with powerful images and schematics.
  • Have a basic understanding of how an audience’s cognitive system works in relation to visual aids.

Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive manual and workbook.
  • 12-month follow-up email and phone support.
  • Easy to use preparation tools.
  • Ongoing training suggestions & tips via social media.
  • Links to web-based presentation resource. 

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