SpeakEasy Meeting Maestro

Short Course

Course Summary

Timeframe: 1/2 day

Participants: Up to 15

Location: On-site

Bad business meetings kill productivity. The most valuable resource you have is the time of your employees. The less time they waste in unfocussed meetings the better. Get to the point, reduce the waffle and create a culture of collaboration.

Meeting Maestro gave us pragmatic and practical tools to ensure our meetings are now far more efficient and effective. This course has saved us time and money.

Andrew Stephenson, Auckland City Toyota

The bad business meeting is the dreaded fog of the corporate world. A soul numbing productivity killer, time-waster and obfuscator, it lurks in meeting rooms and permeates to the very heart of an organisation. It feeds on overcomplicated jargon and bad PowerPoint slides – clouding a clear direction forward.

This course is designed as the antidote to that threat. Participants learn how to facilitate focused, efficient meetings, how to reduce waffle and jargon, how to create effective conference calls, and how to encourage effective collaboration and clear direction around common objectives. As with all our programmes, a thorough consultation process ensures the exact content is designed in alignment with your learning strategy and tailored to meet the participant’s unique learning needs.

By the end of this programme participants will:

  • Have a pragmatic and flexible process to ensure their business meetings are efficient, effective and productive.
  • Have a pragmatic and flexible process to ensure encounters with clients, colleagues and stakeholders are engaging and outcome oriented.
  • Increase their ability to influence stakeholders and colleagues.
  • Be able to create powerful visual collateral that reinforces their message and enhances their ability to connect and collaborate.
  • Have techniques that encourage a culture of collaboration and clear direction around common objectives.
  • Understand the importance of ‘managing the room’, mapping participant’s input and effective facilitation technique.
  • Have practiced techniques to speak succinctly and reduce jargon and waffle.
  • Know how to create effective conference calls that are engaging and productive.

Participants receive:

  • A comprehensive manual and workbook.
  • 12-month follow-up email and phone support.
  • Easy to use preparation tools and meeting structuring templates.
  • Ongoing training suggestions & tips via social media.
  • Links to web-based presentation resource. 

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