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SpeakEasy Suite

Our new learning suite of three dynamic, interactive and tailorable programmes aims to address all your communication and presentation skills training needs. Scroll below for more details.

Bespoke Learning

We understand that every organisation is unique. If our suite doesn't cover it we'll be happy to design a bespoke learning programme from scratch - in consultation with you of course.


Upcoming pitch or high-stakes presentation? Gain the edge over your colleagues or competitors and let us coach you through a process that greatly increases your chance of a successful outcome.

SpeakEasy Programmes.

"The SpeakEasy suite of programmes are corporate learning at its very best."
~ Harold Hillman, PhD. Author of The Imposter Syndrome

Presenting for Business Core

The weak presenter is an anaesthetist to business productivity – and to an audience. Learn the fundamentals of a great business presentation. Inspire confidence in your audience, sell your ideas and motivate action.

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Leading with Stories Core

In this age of fragmentation and business uncertainty, leaders who can tell their organisation’s unique story with maximum effect are more valuable than ever. This program is a step-by-step ‘how to’ guide for leaders looking to use spoken storytelling to better connect with their teams and stakeholders, and to be more powerful and successful in all parts of their business life.

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The Secrets of Influence Core

This programme reveals the secrets - and science - of influence and breaks them down into twelve learnable tactics people can master to turbo-charge their influencing ability and, potentially, their career.

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