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SpeakEasy Suite

Our new learning suite of eight dynamic, interactive and tailorable programmes aims to address all your communication and presentation skills training needs. Scroll below for more details.

Bespoke Learning

We understand that every organisation is unique. If our suite doesn't cover it we'll be happy to design a bespoke learning programme from scratch - in consultation with you of course.


Upcoming pitch or high-stakes presentation? Gain the edge over your colleagues or competitors and let us coach you through a process that greatly increases your chance of a successful outcome.

SpeakEasy Programmes.

"The SpeakEasy suite of programmes are corporate learning at its very best."
~ Harold Hillman, PhD. Author of The Imposter Syndrome

SpeakEasy Business Presenter Core

The weak presenter is an anaesthetist to business productivity – and to an audience. Learn the fundamentals of a great business presentation. Inspire confidence in your audience, sell your ideas and motivate action.

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SpeakEasy Sales Star Core

Traditional sales training is becoming obsolete in the digital age. Great sales results are now built on authentic relationships and problem identification. Having a winning conversation is the key.

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SpeakEasy Advanced Influencer Advanced

Mastering the art of influence is an essential component of leadership. Understand what motivates others and enhance your interpersonal impact. Authentically influence your clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

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SpeakEasy Pitch Perfect Advanced

High stakes. Team presenting. Competing egos. The pitch scenario is a business presentation on steroids. Mastering it can be tough. We’ve perfected a process that maximises your potential for success.

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SpeakEasy PowerPoint Pro Short Course

Do what most business people can’t and master the art of the effective visual aid. Poor engagement with presentation technology is the single biggest obstacle to clear communication within organisations. Powerful visual stories are what work.

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SpeakEasy Meeting Maestro Short Course

Bad business meetings kill productivity. The most valuable resource you have is the time of your employees. The less time they waste in unfocussed meetings the better. Get to the point, reduce the waffle and create a culture of collaboration.

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SpeakEasy Tech-talker Supplementary

Don’t assume your audience can follow your convoluted hypotheses or screeds of data. Distill complex concepts to their simplest form, reduce unnecessary jargon and communicate with confidence and clarity.

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SpeakEasy Creative Storyteller Supplementary

The use of story is one of the most fundamental aspects of being human. To influence, nothing matches it – and great communicators are always great storytellers. Harness the power of creativity and narrative and make your audience really care.

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